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The Classic Beauty of White Bathroom Sinks

White bathroom sinks made of porcelain are the classic choice when you're remodeling your bathroom, adding new charm while costing considerably less than other options. There are many shape choices of white bathroom sinks, including the standard round sink as well as ovals, squares, and shells. You can even order white bathroom sinks shaped to fit into a corner! The shape of your white bathroom sink will help determine the style and atmosphere of your entire bathroom. Square and corner sinks will lend well to a modern decor while white bathroom sinks made in a shell shape are fit more for a 1980's style bathroom.

Another important aspect to remember when choosing a white bathroom sink is how it's installed. You can decide to have your white bathroom sink installed in a countertop or on a pedestal, which is gaining popularity. There's advantages to each. Setting your white bathroom sinks in a countertop can save money if you're replacing an existing sink. You have many options with this installation as far as color combinations go. You can pair dark countertops with a white bathroom sink or keep them both light. If you decide on a pedestal installation for your white bathroom sink you can really upgrade the appearance and style of your bathroom, adding charm and increasing the space in your bathroom.

White Bathroom Sinks

White bathroom sinks are also very versatile and can be painted if they get chipped, discolored, or if you decide you'd like a different color. To paint your white bathroom sink, buy bathtub painting products and #000 grade steel wool and follow the bathtub painting directions. You can choose to touch up your white bathroom sink or add color-tint to change the whole look. Whichever you choose, this shows the great versatility that comes with deciding on a white bathroom sink as opposed to glass or copper.

White bathroom sinks have been used in design for generations and allow consumers to design and remodel their bathroom with style, versatility, tons of options, and a low cost. Choosing a white bathroom sink will give you the option of touching it up or changing its color completely in the future and its also sure to always compliment your bathroom design style. Keep all of these advantages in mind when you're considering buying white bathroom sinks for your home and you're sure to choose them over the current trendy options, giving you long-lasting style and durability.