Bathroom Sink Unit

Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks - Combining Beauty and Conserving Space

In the 1840's a Hungarian doctor discovered that washing hands could save lives. Ever since that time, people have been trying to find the best way to make the bathroom attractive and functional at the same time. Hot and cold running water, soap and clean towels are luxuries that make the sink inviting in any bathroom. Wall mount bathroom sinks are the ideal way to enhance the beauty of a bathroom or powder room and conserve space at the same time. They are attached to the wall and usually do not have the piping showing beneath. Made from a wide variety of materials and in many styles it is possible to match any decor.

Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

In the coming paragraphs, we will share with you the personal experience of one of our team members when he decided to install a new sink in his bathroom:

In most homes, the pipes come up in the walls and out to the sinks. When I decided to remodel the bathrooms in my 100 year old home to make the room up to date and wheelchair accessible for my aging parents, I started with the bathroom. I wanted a pleasant place to rest at the end of the day and yet still have it as functional as possible. I chose a wall mounted bathroom sink because of the space saving factor and the added room. The sinks were available in a wide variety of styles as well as materials and finding the right one for my remodel was easy.

I measured the display model at the store to make sure that the new drain lines would meet with the existing plumbing. At home I cut away a 12 x 12 section of wall so that I could install a piece of wood blocking to support the sink. It needed to fit in between the studs so that when I put dry wall over the hole, it would not be noticeable. I used water resistant drywall to cover this since we are talking about a bathroom and some splashing and steam is always present. Next came the mounting bracket for the sink measured to the correct height over the piping.

After attaching the faucets and drains to the sink, I was ready to mount it to the wall. Running the supply lines was next. The sink was attached to the wall using a bracket and bolts. After turning the water on and checking for leaks, a new sink was ready and it was easily accessible to my parents in wheelchairs. Adding a couple of final touches of towel racks and small wall counters on each side of the sink made for a bathroom that was functional and beautiful with a wall mount bathroom sink.