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The Modern Look: Stainless Steel Bathroom Sinks

Perhaps the most modern fixture that a home owner can add when renovating a bathroom or building a new home is the stainless steel sink in the bathroom. Steel sinks offer a variety of positive qualities, the foremost being durability. These sinks will not stain or crack, meaning the home owner will get many years out of their stainless steel choice. Also, the sinks range widely in price, shape, size and style, making it easy for a consumer to pick the best style for their home. Finally, stainless steel offers a sleek and bold look that will add to any modern bathroom.

Steel Bathroom Sinks

The choices in style for a stainless steel sink fall into several categories: Vessel Sinks sit on top of a counter to create an ultra modern look. Many vessel sinks even feature two walls so that an overflow is enabled. This is a nice feature for anyone who fears they may forget the water is running! Under mount sinks are mounted from underneath the counter. Under mount sinks look very nice when paired with a granite or marble countertop for a sleek, finished look.

Drop-in sinks fit the description of a classic bathroom sink. Dropped into the countertop, these sinks include a lip that is sealed with the counter surface. Any of these choices make for a beautiful and sleek look in a modern bathroom. With the different styles available, homeowners also have the choice of design. Many styles are available in square, oval, or round design. And, there are variants and choices even within each design, making it easy for each homeowner to choose the sink that most fits their style and needs.

Stainless steel sinks are available in two finish choices. Brushed finish creates a smooth, matte look and mirrored finish is a highly polished, light reflecting choice. Either finish offers the same pluses of a steel bathroom sink. These sinks are very easy to maintain. They do not stain, making cleaning a cinch. Also, stainless steel is more hygienic, not holding germs the way that other materials would. Steel sinks will last for many years and still look new, making their price worth the investment.

If the modern look is a style desired for a bathroom, one cannot go wrong by choosing steel. The clean lines, smooth surfaces, and durability of these sinks make for a winning combination. Whether buying a new home or just making renovations, one cannot go wrong by choosing a new stainless steel sink to update their bathroom.