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The Stainless Steel Bathroom Sink – A Sharp New Look

If you are seeking a way to combine function with form without giving up a hot designer appearance, consider the stainless steel bathroom sink. You can have the smooth contemporary feel stainless steel is known for along with durability and selection. These sinks can be purchased in a variety of depths as well as shapes. In addition, you can choose a brushed surface finish which is perfect for camouflaging fingerprints or a polished surface finish which has a more futuristic feel.

Another option to consider when purchasing a stainless steel bathroom sink is the form it comes in. There is the undermount sink in which the countertop slightly overhangs the sink bowl in a lip fashion; this version prevents debris build-up. The top mount sink is dropped into a pre-cut hole on top of a vanity countertop while the vessel format is similar to a wall-mounted sink in that it appears to "free float" on the wall. A number of major sink and plumbing brands produce stainless steel products.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Sink

One of the top benefits of a stainless steel bathroom sink is the fact that it is long-lasting and can be kept looking "new" for years. It is low maintenance, highly scratch resistant and quite easy to clean with a few ingredients from your pantry such as vinegar, club soda, olive oil or even baking soda. Stainless steel is quite resistant to typical impact such as falling items from the medicine cabinet or even your hands; plus it is hygienic so you don't have to worry about any bacteria or viruses lingering for long on the sink's surface. Rust is not an issue nor is corrosion.

The stainless steel bathroom sink is quite durable and you can choose from various gauges of steel. The typical choices in the sink industry are 18 gauge steel or 16 gauge steel. This strength range is a good one, not overpowering, but just remember that the lower the gauge steel number is, the thicker it is. You can expect some other traces of metal in the stainless steel sink such as nickel or chromium. Even the bowl of the stainless steel bathroom sink can vary in size as well as the number of sink bowls you want.

While you can marry the stainless steel bathroom sink with a number of different design styles, the best scenario is a modern or contemporary design approach. With its clean lines and shiny disposition, the stainless steel bathroom sink deserves a complementary look in the rest of the bathroom.