Bathroom Sink Unit

Porcher Bathroom Sinks: Functional Elegance

Some consumers look for pure beauty when searching for the perfect sink to complement their bath; others consider convenience and function to be the most import factors in making this choice. With Porcher bathroom sinks, one does not have to sacrifice one in order to get the other. If a consumer can dream it, Porcher can provide the bathroom sink to turn that vision into a beautiful reality.

All Porcher bathroom sinks have been designed to make a statement. Visitors are always impressed with their unusual construction and features. From the classic pedestal sinks, to the above counter basins and console lavatories, one can find a sink that adds to the beauty and elegance of the bath while still functioning efficiently. It is also easy to find a finish that will go with the paint scheme of the room.

Basins can be purchased in finishes such as polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, bronze, or white bronze. They may also be found in clear geometric shapes, such as squares, cones or pyramids. One will also discover colorful bowls with a smooth or crackled glass appearance. With Porcher bathroom sinks, the choices are almost endless, and each basin is hand polished to perfection.

One can create a bathroom that is a work of art with the variety of choices provided by Porcher. The long flowing lines of a Porcher draped lavatory bring softness and grace to any bath. The simple bowl sinks, whether glass, ceramic, or bronze, enhance any modern decor. The Porcher console lavatories provide a roomy deck area for toiletries and cosmetics but still create an appealing focal point for the bathroom.

Of course, Porcher bathroom sinks are quite durable and made to last. The glass bowls are heat tested, and although the bronze fixtures will change colors over time, they only become more beautiful as the water adds a patina that makes each bowl one of a kind. Many Porcher bathroom sinks are made in the USA, while others are hand crafted in Italy. Each one has a personal, human touch, and replacement parts, if ever needed, are easy to find.

Most consumers are delighted to find that Porcher lavatories are simple to install and maintain. They also have overflow rings and clean very easily, which is extremely important in today’s busy, bustling society. This saves time and makes owning a Porcher bathroom sink a truly remarkable experience.