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Modern Bathroom Sink

Bathrooms were once practical rooms where one would clean up, use the toilet and leave. Modern bathrooms look nothing like they did 20 years ago. Take the bathroom sink, for instance. Today’s modern bathroom sinks come in hundreds of styles, colors, textures, sizes, and materials. You can create a work of art with the wonderful array of designs. Anything is possible today.

Styles of bathroom sinks come in round ceramic to be recessed into the vanity top, or one piece as a pedestal type, or a vessel style that looks like a bowl sitting on top of the vanity.

 Modern Bathroom Sink

But by far the vessel sink is the most modern new trend for bathroom this year. The vessel style is reminiscent of the old bowls and pitchers that were used before folks had indoor plumbing. The vessel is in the shape of a large bowl that sits on top of the vanity cabinet. It is an opening at the bottom for the drain. Vessel sinks are usually round with high sides to catch the water, but it could also be oval or square shaped with lower sides that are recessed into the vanity top. The faucet needed for this type of sink are set higher to reach over the high sides of the bowl.

Materials used for vessel sinks can be copper, bronze, steel, ceramic, glass, marble, and stone. The most popular vessel sinks are glass and stone, but marble and ceramic are also desired. They can be smooth, hammered, textured or imprinted with designs, if you so desire.

Glass sinks are highly desirable since they can be custom made and add an artistic flare to the bathroom. Many home supply stores are now carrying glass vessel sinks as the demand for them grows. A customer may design their sink to be made with their own painting. The manufacturer can imprint their design or have a craftsman paint it right on the glass sink.

Stone vessel sinks such as granite and marble, are a favorite among those remodeling their bathrooms. The homeowner that uses granite in the kitchen may also want to match the sink in the bathroom with the same material. It makes it a more uniform look. Stone is more durable and gives tremendous value to the home when it comes to the resale market.

Today’s modern bathroom sinks make it a pleasure to linger and enjoy the beauty.