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Marble Bathroom Sinks - Make a Statement

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful choice of materials for a bathroom sink, then marble is an excellent option. This natural material was formed over many years from calcium carbonate. The natural formation of the marble offers a plethora of colors with soft veins and spots running throughout the piece. Such coloration and veining means that no two pieces of marble are the same. This creates an option for the bathroom sink that is sure to draw attention to its beauty and elegance.

Marble Bathroom Sinks

Marble sinks are available in several styles to meet each homeowner's needs. But, the most popular style for the marble sink is the vessel type. These smooth, rounded marble bowls sit atop the bathroom counter, creating a modern, elegant look and showing off all the natural beauty of the marble. Another similar type is the pedestal, which means the sink basin sits on a pedestal base instead of a counter. Marble sinks can also be found in drop in and farm styles (drop in is the more traditional sink that fits into a countertop and farm style is a square basin that sits atop the counter or has a thick lip on the rim). The homeowner is not limited when it comes to picking out a new sink!

Just as unlimited are the many color choices available in marble. Colors from various shades of white and off-white offer a classic look. But reds, yellows, grays, golds, blacks and many colors in between offer a customization like no other. And, the streaks and veins running throughout the marble pieces makes for an individual and unique look-- no one else will have the same sink.

Marble sinks are available in two different finishes. A highly polished finish will create a smooth, reflective and modern surface. A more natural matte finish will offer a soft and enhanced piece. The choice of surface finish depends largely on personal taste and what will match best in the home.

A wonderful perk of a marble bathroom sink is the cleaning ease and durability. This hard stone will last for many years and still retain its original beauty. And, the surface is easy to clean and will not stain like man made surfaces will.

Overall, the positives of a marble sink definitely outweigh its one negative. Though a marble sink can cost a bit more than other, more traditional materials, the beauty, durability, easy to clean material is well worth the investment.