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Choosing a Glass Bathroom Sink

There are so many things to consider when choosing a glass bathroom sink. Cost, durability, color, and design are all important features to consider when purchasing a glass bathroom sink. Glass bathroom sinks give you the opportunity to pick your own price range, deciding whether you want a glass sink made in a mold for the lowest price or rather you'd like instead to choose a glass bathroom sink that's been handmade or even custom made for you.

Glass Bathroom Sink

First, consider the benefits. Glass sinks are valued for their unique shapes, colors, and interesting designs. Glass bathroom sinks can easily become the centerpiece of your bathroom, giving it just the right splash of color and style that'll spice up the room. Glass sinks, despite the myth about them, are also very durable if you decide to invest in a well made glass bathroom sink. They hold up to similar wear and tear as a standard porcelain sink. Glass bathroom sinks are usually handmade and can also be custom designed to fit perfectly into your home.

Glass Bathroom Sink

Next, it's important to understand the different types of glass bathroom sinks so you are informed enough to purchase a sink that will meet your standards. There are four types of glass bathroom sinks, each with properties you should consider:

  • The first type of glass bathroom sink is the fused and slumped sink. This is made through a process of putting together pieces of glass by heating and cooling the glass, resulting in a strong fusion. Patterns or designs can be created using different colors of glass arranged, fusing the pieces one by one. Next, the glass is made into the shape of a sink by laying it on top of a mold and heating it just until it slumps to fit the mold.
  • The second type of glass bathroom sink is blown glass, which is created by layering glass and blowing it into a vessel shape. Every blown glass bathroom sink is unique and they are extremely difficult to do properly.
  • Third is the mosaic glass bathroom sink, in which pieces of colored glass are put onto the inside of a glass bowl. The sink is grouted with sand and cement and then sealed and finished.
  • Lastly is the hand painted glass bathroom sink, which is also very difficult to make. Each is made by painting a sink with a special paint that will remain on the glass permanently. A sealant is applied and a one of a kind sink is created.

Now that you understand the basics of glass bathroom sinks, choosing one will be a breeze. Just remember to consider the look you're going for in your bathroom and decide accordingly.