Bathroom Sink Unit

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Intended primarily for master bathrooms a double sink vanity allows each person their own space. With two sinks and considerably more counter space, a double vanity can be matched to any style of decor. From modern units sparkling with chrome and glass to the more traditional wooden cabinet frame and inset sink, units can accommodate a number of price ranges and styles.

With a double sink bathroom vanity there is no need to wait for another person to complete their bathing. It allows you to keep your personal supplies in one place, the counter space is increased and you can personalize the area around your sink without worrying that you are depriving your partner of space. The storage space under the sinks, within the vanity itself, is considerable. Storing toiletry supplies, extra shampoo and necessities is simplified by this additional space.

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Vanities are available on line, at home improvement stores and at specialty outlets. Picking the base is the biggest part of defining the style you want in your bathroom. Today’s master suites often have an open layout, displaying at least the sink portion of the bathroom publicly. Choosing a vanity that coordinates with the bedroom furniture is advisable if you want to maintain a unified look. Alternatively, if you want to set the bathroom area off from the main room, then selecting a unit that is strikingly different makes the distinction clear.

The top portion of the vanity, where the sinks lie, is equally important. The most basic units will have two sinks sunken into the countertop, usually as a single, cast unit. Less attractive than fancier models, this is a perfectly serviceable option for smaller spaces or limited budgets. For those willing to invest more, the sky is the limit. Marble, glass, tile and custom designed options all exist, it just depends on what look you wish to achieve. Sinks can be incorporated into the countertop, sunken below or even mounted above a relatively low counter.

The size of your countertop is determined by the room available. Even in a relatively narrow space there is usually room for a small double sink bathroom vanity. In a master suite you can opt to have your vanity countertop run from one wall to the next, providing ample space for cosmetics, hygiene and even decorative touches. It is best to place sinks at a distance that allows both users to function without infringing on the others area, so consider the largest set up possible.

A double sink bathroom vanity is a marvelous convenience.