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Copper Bathroom Sink

Adding a copper bathroom sink to your home can be an economical way to upgrade the overall look of the room without extensive renovations. The striking appearance of a well-built copper sink is a great accent to any bathroom. Built by hand, these solid sinks will last for a lifetime and reduce bacteria build-up in the bathroom. Copper bathroom sinks can be found in almost any size and shape, from circular bowls to rectangular double sinks. Under-the-counter models or over-the-top models are available, giving homeowners plenty of options in customizing their bathroom.

Copper Bathroom Sink

Copper bathroom sinks are hand-made by copper artisans, giving each one its own look. The sink starts out as a plain sheet of copper that is heated and then hammered into shape. The visible hammer prints make each copper bathroom sink into an individual piece of art that is unlike any other. When the heated copper is cooled off after being shaped, the finish turns to a reddish-brown color. On top of this natural finish, copper sinks may be treated with polish to make them darker. Copper bathroom sinks can be found in dark brown colors or with a satin nickel finish. Carved designs or patterns are sometimes added by the artisan to give the sink a more elaborate appearance.

Copper bathroom sinks have several advantages besides their appearance. Each copper sink must be individually crafted. This makes it easy to get a custom-built sink designed solely for your bathroom. Copper bathroom sinks are built from thick, heavy copper, which makes them extremely durable. The copper surface is resistant to everyday scratching and staining. It is very hard to stain a copper bathroom sink to the point where the discoloration becomes permanent. Over time, copper turns to a luminous golden brown, which actually improves its appearance instead of looking dirty or faded out like some other types of bathroom sink materials.

Copper bathroom sinks may even make your home healthier because the copper itself prevents certain bacteria from growing. Stainless steel sinks are especially notorious for being a fertile ground for bacteria to breed. This cannot happen with a bathroom sink made from copper. Copper produces chemical compounds that kill off harmful bacteria, making it an excellent choice of material for a bathroom sink. Before purchasing a copper bathroom sink, ask the vendor if the antibacterial coating is intact. Some companies remove this coating when adding their own finish.