Bathroom Sink Unit

Worshipping the Ceramic Bathroom Sink

The ceramic bathroom sink comes in many shapes, sizes and prices. The shapes vary depending on the person who the sink is intended. Bathroom sinks have much more variance than the kitchen sink. You can get designs and even different colors to match up perfectly with your decorations in the bathroom. Ceramic is very easy to clean, this is why it is one of the most popular choices for a bathroom sink (although I have seen quite a few toothpaste stains in ceramic sinks).

The traditional ceramic sink sits inside the counter top. It has an indention on top of the counter that it just slips into. It creates a clean seamless look on the countertop. These are by far the cheapest that I have seen, I believe this is because there is nothing special about it and the part that sits below the countertop has an unfinished quality to it. The prices can range from $30 and up.

Ceramic Bathroom Sink

A step up from the traditional sink is the pedestal sink. This is intended for people who do not have a countertop to place the sink bowl into. It is a ceramic pedestal that stands alone and on the top is a regular bowl sink. These are great for small bathrooms or guest bathrooms. It adds a fresh modern look to the bathroom. The prices on these are little pricier than the traditional ceramic sink shell. They range from $75 and up. (Depending on how fancy you want the pedestal to be).

I have seen ultra modern ones that sit on top of the counter. These are more decorative bowl type of sinks. They look like gigantic mixing bowls sitting on top of your bathroom counter. The ones that I have seen vary from $250 to the thousands, I imagine this has to do with what type of design and the size of the sink.

The most original ceramic sink that I have ever seen was very oddly shaped. It was actually a flat piece of ceramic anchored into the wall at a 50-60 degree angle. The sides curled up very slightly to prevent spillage. It was a very odd looking contraction. Now I know the exact price on this one (I was too curious to not take a peek). It was priced at $850!! Why? I have no idea, I think it is just strange and people will pay more for different/strange items.