Bathroom Sink Unit

Bathroom Vanity Sink

A lot of thought comes into play when designing your bathroom. One of the components that can really make a difference in your bathroom's appearance is the vanity sink. When choosing your vanity sink you should keep in mind both the purpose and the style of the sink. You definitely want it to match up with the rest of the bathroom.

There are many different styles of bathroom vanity sinks available in today’s market. In addition to the traditional sink, there is the vessel sink that sits on top of the vanity counter. This sink can add a contemporary look to your bathroom. There are also the dual sink models or his and hers sinks, where a vanity is laid out with two sinks side by side.

In addition to the different styles of bathroom vanity sinks, these sinks are also constructed out of a variety of materials. Some of the materials that you can choose from for your vanity sink are; ceramic, metal, vitreous china, fiberglass, acrylic, culture stone, faux stone, or the all time favorite porcelain. These different materials come with their own advantages and their own disadvantages and with different price tags. It just depends upon what a person is looking for in a vanity sink and what kind of budget that they are working with.

Bathroom Vanity Sink

Another point to be considered in installing a vanity sink is the mounting. There are numerous ways to mount a vanity sink. There are rimmed sinks, a rimmed sink is where the sink is put into a cutout hole in the vanity and the rim of the sink connects to the vanity and is sealed with a metal strip. Then there is the under mounted sink where the bottom of the countertop and the rim are attached. Alternatively, you may choose to go with an integral sink, where the entire unit is one piece. The disadvantage of this being that if one part of it is damaged the whole unit has to be replaced.

A bathroom vanity sink can be a way of expressing your style and personality. You will no longer have to go into the bathroom and look at the plain old basic white basin, but your bathroom can be a place of color and elegance. You can go online and check out some designs or take a look at a catalogue at your nearest store.