Bathroom Sink Unit

Bathroom Sink Basin

There are many aspects of a bathroom that define the space. The style of the tub or shower, the material and finish of the vanity, the use of tile on the floor and walls. All of these elements are important to the final product, and it is vital not to overlook any detail. This includes the bathroom sink basin.

Sometimes it is easy to forget the sink basin itself while browsing for counter tops, vanities, and fixtures. However, when it comes to bathroom sink basins, there are many options to consider. The first thing to think about is how the sink basin will be attached to the counter top. There are several possibilities. First, a sink basin may be selected that is an integrated part of the counter top. These all in one pieces can be bought prefabricated or custom made in all styles, colors, and materials. This would even include pedestal sinks, where the sink basin is an extension of the pedestal itself. This style of sink basin gives a very clean, smooth look, and is especially ideal for smaller vanities because it maximizes space. It is also very easy to clean this style of bathroom sink basin.

Bathroom Sink Basin

However, it is also possible to select a sink basin that has to be attached to the counter top, which has been a common practice for many years. To do this, the counter top and sink basin can be selected separately, which may allow for a more individualized look and more exotic materials. When choosing this style of bathroom sink basin, it is important to think about how the sink basin will be attached to the counter top. It can be inserted with a lip over the top of the counter. More trendy options include an undermount sink basin or even a sink basin that sits on top of the counter top altogether, creating a distinctive and modern feel.

The details concerning bathroom sink basins do not end there. Sink basins also come in a variety of shapes, from round bowls, to traditional ovals, to modern basins with a squared off finish. Some of the variety may be limited depending on the material of the sink basin and how it will be mounted. Though traditional basins are likely to be the most affordable, spending a little extra money will allow for a more custom designed feel to complete any bathroom style.