Bathroom Sink Unit

Add Sophistication to Your Home With a Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Update the look and feel of your home with a beautiful bathroom pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks are a marvelous way to open up any room, and give it a unique look and feel. You can add sophistication to your home by incorporating a bathroom pedestal sink to an otherwise ordinary room.

By replacing your old and dated bathroom vanity with a free-standing pedestal sink, you will give the room a spacious, bright, airy feeling. Pedestal sinks have a free-standing basin, which allows you to remove all the bulky cabinetry around the sink, and open up the space. If you have a small bathroom, you will be amazed at the amount of space you will have once your pedestal sink is installed. Pedestal sinks are not only easy to maintain and clean, but they also eliminate the heaviness of the surrounding bathroom cabinetry.

Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Bathroom pedestal sinks are available in a variety of styles, making it easy to assimilate into any decor. Whether your taste is traditional, country, art deco, or in between, there is a pedestal sink that is just right for you. Pedestal sinks can be derived from an assortment of materials such as traditional white porcelain, impressive stone or marble, stainless steel or metal, or even glass.

Because bathroom pedestal sinks are designed with the basin in tact, buyers won't have to purchase the sink bowl separately. Another desirable benefit of pedestal sinks is that the sink bowl can vary in size. Consumers can purchase pedestal sinks with various bowl width, depth, and height, depending on their particular taste.

While some bathroom pedestal sinks are compact, and are only as wide as the bowl size, others offer added space for storage. Thus, if storage is an issue, you can dissolve that worry by selecting a pedestal sink with shelf space, or soap ledge, or overflow area. The look will still be sleek and streamlined, but will also provide a convenient space for necessary personal items. Other appealing features include built-in towel racks and molded overflow space.

Some older homes have plumbing in undesirable locations. If your bathroom has oddly placed corner plumbing, you will still be able to add a beautiful pedestal sink to the area. Corner mount are perfect for this situation, and can be installed as simple as a regular fitting piece. In fact, corner pedestals will allow for added room capacity, and afford the bathroom added functionality and attractiveness.