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If you are going to remodel your bathroom sink you should keep in mind what kind of style you want. Provided you go to a professional to install your bathroom fixtures or opt to do it yourself, you should know some basic styles such as, pedestal, wall mounted and cabinet sinks. Also, the size of the sink is important when making your decision. Don’t forget the overall space you are working with. Consider the size of your bathroom and what you are going to do in it. For example, Are you installing a sink for a half or whole bath?

If you are installing your bathroom sink fixtures in a half bathroom, you may want to go with a style that saves space considering most half bathrooms are small in size. Also, if you and your guest will mostly use the sink for hand washing, the basin (which is the same as the sink bowl) does not have to be large. A small basin on a pedestal or a wall mounted sink is ideal. On the flip side, if you are remodeling a large bathroom, you can take up more space.

Although pedestal and wall mounted sinks are nice, large basins inside of a cabinet are better. If you will use the large bathroom on a regular basis for showering or bathing, the cabinet’s space underneath the bathroom bowl will be convenient for you. You will be able to store items such as bath/shower cleaners, personal hygiene items, air freshener, bathroom tissue, soap, etc. putting them right at our finger tips when you need it quickly.

When looking at different bathroom sink materials, ceramic is a top choice. The two types are Fire Clay and Vitreous China. They come in all colors and even certain designs. The material is very easy to clean, does not take much effort to maintain, can take a lot of heat, will not change colors or rust. It is also reasonably priced. Other materials you can take a look at are stainless steel, cooper, bronze, glass, porcelain and marble. Also, ensure that it comes with a warranty.

Some local Home Improvement stores such as Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Menards have qualified staff available to help you make your decision. They will be able to answer questions for you and suggest the best product for you. Installation is also available to you for a few bucks more.