Bathroom Sink Unit

A Bathroom Corner Sink – The Best Solution for a Small Space

Are you faced with the remodeling or building of a small bathroom and stumped about how to fit in a sink when there is not a lot of space? Fear not! A bathroom corner sink is the best solution to your space dilemma. A sink in the corner of your bathroom is the best way to conserve space so you have the room for your other bathroom niceties such as a nice toilet, shower or bathtub. You do not even have to forgo design or style, thanks to the variety of choices available today.

A bathroom corner sink is not a common installation so having one in your home will elicit a certain appeal from anyone who comes to visit you. It is definitely the best solution to your space problems. What would you rather have – a traditional sink with no room to spread out or a corner sink with ample room to wash hands and perform other grooming tasks? A small bathroom does not have to equate to being cramped. With a corner sink, you gain valuable square footage of floor space.

Bathroom Corner Sink

Your local home improvement store will likely have a few selections of bathroom corner sinks especially if you are simply looking for something standard issue. The internet however is the place to look when you want something with a little more style that matches your home's overall ambiance.

There are three basic design options to consider when shopping for a bathroom corner sink. You could purchase a pedestal sink, a wall-mounted sink or a small vanity cabinet with a built-in sink. The layout of the bathroom and plumbing location will likely dictate the design you choose. A pedestal sink offers an elegant, classic feel while the built-in vanity cabinet sink provides an anchor to the room as well as some much needed storage in the small bathroom space. The wall-mounted sink gives many possibilities in terms of style – from modern to antique to industrial.

You will discover a bathroom corner sink can be made from a variety of materials such as glass, ceramic, metal, and marble. Glass lends a modern, contemporary feel while marble feels more formal. Ceramic is by far the most versatile material able to be transformed into a number of different design styles.

Convert your small bathroom into a comfortable, relaxing place. Use a bathroom corner sink to maximize space so that you can indulge in a larger bathtub, shower or any other bathroom element. You have a palette of colors and styles to choose from so let the atmosphere of your home be your guide when choosing your bathroom corner sink.