Bathroom Sink Unit

Old World Style With an Antique Bathroom Sink

When it comes to bathrooms, most people do not like thinking about them being old. Old bathrooms are associated with small and dirty spaces, or perhaps painfully outdated rooms with bright pink tile or an avocado-colored toilet. However, not all things old are bad, and sometimes when redesigning a bathroom, it helps to take a look at the past to create the perfect modern space.

While old may carry a negative connotation, antique most certainly does not. In fact, one way to help give a bathroom distinctive flair is to choose antique pieces, such as an antique bathroom sink, to complete a make over. In these days where so many things are mass produced, sometimes it is easy for design to lose some of its individuality, but selecting an antique sink is a great way to make a bathroom remodel stand out.

Antique Bathroom Sink

There are several ways to find the perfect antique sink. The first is to look for actual complete antique sinks. These may be harder to find, but some antique stores and specialty dealers do carry such items occasionally. However, some drawbacks to this route is that they can be expensive and are not always in the best condition.

A great alternative to searching for an entire sink from yesteryear is to look for a piece of antique furniture that could serve as a vanity. These pieces are generally easier to come by and there is much greater selection to choose from. Small dressers, buffets or other tables and cabinets are the best choice for this option. Once a piece of furniture is selected and finished to withstand bathroom use, all that needs to be done is to select a sink basin to turn the piece of furniture into an antique bathroom sink. This can be done by selecting a basin that sits on top of the vanity or the top of the vanity may be modified or completed with a counter top to support an undermount sink. The back of the unit then must be drilled to accommodate plumbing. The end result is a unique antique bathroom sink.

Another simple option is to look at the antique-style sinks available through many bathroom retailers. There is a good selection of bathroom sinks, both pedestal and with vanities, that are designed to mimic the feeling of an antique bathroom sink. This option is less labor intensive and sometimes more cost effective.